Kyochon Chicken: Original

Yum Yum

Best signature menu of this Chicken brand. Sweet and sour sauce chicken with garlic, soy sauce, ginger and honey.


✓ Chicken
✓ Pickled raddish
✓ 1 Coke
(Enough for 2-3 persons)

Operation Date/Time

01:00pm - 11:00pm
(Available Delivery Time may differ depending on your region)

When to Book

✓ Same day delivery: 10:00am - 10:00pm
✓ Advance reservation: 24hrs

Cancellation Policy

✓ Same day delivery : No refund
✓ Advance reservation 24hrs : Cancel 1 business day prior for 100% refund

Cancellation Policy

- After you have finished the payment, you cannot change/cancel any part of your order because we process the order in real time. Please cautiously fill out your order information. Cancellation is also not available once payment is received.
- You should stay in your accommodation to get your food at estimated delivery arrival time! We cannot take responsibility about wrong address or absence at the estimated delivery time. However, there is a space for you to include a picture of the address you’re staying at so we can confirm that your food is being sent to the correct address. The more information you provide to us, the better we can verify your address.


What is Funko Food Delivery Service ?
You can enjoy door-to-door food delivery service from the comfort of your accommodation. Just book online and pay on our website. The delivery driver will arrive with your food at your place!
Our price includes food and delivery charge so you won’t need to pay anything extra when the delivery arrives.

*This product includes a service fee so it may be cheaper if you purchase direct on-site or from other Korean websites.
What about tip?
No tip needed! Tipping is not required in the Korean culture for any service. Like many different cultures of the world, Korea takes pride in the service they provide at the price they carefully planned for, so tipping may be seemed as rude.
How long does it take to get the food?
The estimated time of delivery is 30 ~ 40 minutes after you have place your order.
- In the case of extremely bad weather(e.g. storm, typhoon, heavy snow, heavy rain), delivery could be delayed by more than 1 hour or can be cancelled. If delivery service is not available, we will issue a full refund and follow up with you so including your contact information is very vital for food service.
- Peak time : The estimated time of delivery would be 1 hour especially on weekend dinner time(18:00 to 20:00) and sports game broadcasting time.
- If you book at least 1 day(24 hours) in advance, we will deliver your food whenever you want! We will send you an email after checking availability of delivery because delivery time is different depending on location. Get your food with processing check-in though you arrive in Korea after midnight ♥
Delivery Zone
- If you stay in Seoul, you can freely use our service. Currently, we do not service areas outside of Seoul yet.
- If there is no branch near your accommodation, we will find alternative restaurant that can serve the menu which you order.
- If your accommodation does not allow delivery man to go into, delivery man will leave it to the front desk and the staff will call you to notice the arrival of your food.


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