1N2D 2N3D Vivaldi Park Room and Ski/Snowboard Tour Package

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✓ Round-trip shuttle bus
✓ Maple Wing Room
✓ Ski or Snowboard clothes & gear (Day 1 only)
✓ Lift ticket (Day 1 only)
✓ 1 hr Basic Lesson (Day 1 only)


Enjoy Ski/Snowboard with this All-in-one Package! Includes room reservation, shuttle bus, basic lesson and ski/snowboard equipment!

Awesome Ski Team
✓ Ski instructors with degree in Sports Education
✓ 5+ years of teaching experience
✓ Speaks intermediate to fluent English
✓ Super-friendly and fun - Kids love them!

Vivaldi Park Resort
✓ Top 3 popular ski resorts
✓ Only 1 - 1.5 hour drive from Seoul
✓ Tons of entertainment facilities including karaoke, bowling alley, game arcade
✓ Variety of restaurants, food court, and snack bars


1N2D No.of people Normal Season High Season Gold Season
Maple Family 2 ₩388,800 ₩436,800 ₩520,800
Maple Family 3 ₩481,200 ₩529,200 ₩517,200
Maple Family 4 ₩573,600 ₩621,600 ₩657,600
Maple Suite 2 ₩424,800 ₩472,800 ₩568,800
Maple Suite 3 ₩517,200 ₩565,200 ₩661,200
Maple Suite 4 ₩609,600 ₩657,600 ₩753,600
Maple Suite 5 ₩702,000 ₩750,000 ₩846,000

2N3D No.of people Normal Season High Season Gold Season Normal+High High+Gold Gold+Normal
Maple Family 2 ₩592,800 ₩688,800 ₩856,800 ₩640,800 ₩772,800 ₩724,800
Maple Family 3 ₩685,200 ₩781,200 ₩949,200 ₩733,200 ₩865,200 ₩817,200
Maple Family 4 ₩777,600 ₩873,600 ₩1041,600 ₩825,600 ₩957,600 ₩909,600
Maple Suite 2 ₩664,800 ₩760,800 ₩952,800 ₩712,800 ₩856,800 ₩808,800
Maple Suite 3 ₩757,200 ₩853,200 ₩1045,200 ₩805,200 ₩949,200 ₩901,200
Maple Suite 4 ₩849,600 ₩945,600 ₩1137,600 ₩897,600 ₩1041,600 ₩993,600
Maple Suite 5 ₩942,000 ₩1038000 ₩1230000 ₩990000 ₩1134000 ₩1086000

** The ski company does not offer a deductible for bringing your own ski clothes, gear, and/or equipment for this package. (Including Ski Lift Tickets)


✓ Vivaldi Resort Maple Wing Room (Family or Suite)
✓ Round-trip shuttle bus
✓ 1-hour Basic Ski or Snowboard Group Lesson (Day 1 only)
✓ Ski Lift ticket (Day 1 only)
✓ Ski or Snowboard clothes (Day 1 only)
✓ Ski/Snowboard gear (Boots, Ski Plate, Poles, Gloves) (Day 1 only)

✗ Meals
✗ Private ski/snowboard lesson 
✗ Helmet & Goggles
✗ *Ski slope view

(Maple Family Room)
(Maple Suite room)
Unit Type Capacity Size Component
Maple Family(click to see details) 2-4 people(max. 6 people) 72.7㎡ Room + Kitchen + Bathroom
Maple Suite(click to see details) 2-5 people (max. 8 people) 105.8㎡ 2 Rooms + Kitchen + 2 Bathrooms

- Family room type is a studio room type which combines living room, bedroom, and kitchen into a single room
- Maple room has 3 types - Double, Twins or Ondol(Korean traditional bedding, no bed) and ski company will book the Double room. If you want other types, please contact the ski instructor in advance. 

Itinerary Sample

Day Time Schedule
Day 1 07:30/08:00 Depart from Hongik Univ. Station or Lotte Hotel Seoul

9:30-10:00 Arrive at Vivaldi Park

10:00-11:15 Meet the staff and preparation

11:15-12:15 Basic Lesson

12:15-17:00 Enjoy skiing or Snowboarding

17:00 Return gears & *Check-in
Day 2 (Next Day)**13:00 or 18:00 Depart for Seoul by shuttle bus

*You can check-in the room anytime you want after 1pm
**Check-out time is 11:00 AM. You can choose the shuttle bus time with the instructor 

Meeting Location

✓ At Seoul: Please take a shuttle bus at Hongdae or Lottel Hotel Seoul
✓ At Vivaldi Park: Ski instructor will pick you up at the bus stop at Vivaldi Park. 

07:30am Hongik Univ. Station Shuttle Pickup

08:00am Lotte Hotel Seoul (Euljiro 1-ga Station) Shuttle Pickup

=> The ski instructor will pick you up from the bus stop at Vivaldi Park.

Booking Process

Step 1 - Choose the date and type then proceed to the checkout page to complete payment.

Step 2 - Upon successful booking, you will receive a Voucher with confirmed information.

Step 3 - The tour staff will help you board the shuttle at Lotte Hotel Seoul(Myeongdong) or Hongdae(Hongik University) Station. 

Step 4 - Meet the ski staff and proceed to check in and enjoy skiing!

Cancellation Policy

✓ 100% refundable until 7 business days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
✓ Not refundable after 7 business days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.

✓ Change of date, pickup point and the number of people is possible until 7 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.


If you miss the shuttle bus or are late : 
The staff will try to reserve another transportation option for you, but no refund will be issued.

Bad weather

✓ Tour will be conducted per normal in rain or snow. Regular Cancellation Policy will apply.
✓ Only in case of government-issued warning for natural disaster, free date change or cancellation will be allowed.


1. I'm an absolute beginner. How much will I learn in one day?
This package only offers a 1-hour free lesson for beginners. The instructor will teach you the basics, starting with safety rules and putting on your equipment correctly.

You can book an additional "Private Ski/Snowboard Lesson" with a discounted price along with this package. If you want to add the private lesson, please update it to Additional Note section when you proceed to check out

(1 person- 150,000 / 2 person group - 180,000 / 3 person group - 180,000, 4 person group - 200,000)
* Price per group
* This price is only available for the customers who book "1N2D Vivaldi Park Room and Ski/Snowboard Tour Package"

2. Can I change the room type? (From Maple room to something else?)
No, only the Maple wing is available through Indiway. Other wings (Pine, Oak, Cherry, etc.) are not available due to limited supply.

3. Can I request a room with the ski slope view?
As rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, we cannot guarantee the view of the room. Please contact the ski resort after reservation. You may be charged ₩22,000 extra.

4. Some members of my group would like to choose a different activity (Ski or Snowboard).
At the payment page, please leave a memo regarding the total number of people, as well as the number of people for Ski, Snowboard, and neither (each separately).

5. How do I make a reservation if some members will go neither skiing nor snowboarding?
For each member in your group who 1) do NOT purchase the Ski/Snowboard package, AND 2) exceed the standard unit capacity (Family: 4 pax; Suite: 5 pax), you will need to pay an extra charge of ₩16,500 per person, per night. But if the extra person is under 8 years old, you don't have to pay the extra fee ₩16,500 for the room. 
*On the payment page, please write down the total number of people in your group, as well as how many are skiing, snowboarding, and neither ski/snowboarding.
*Please pay in cash on the day of travel.
*Extra charges include extra bedding. Extra towels are available upon request at ₩500 per towel.

Example 1) 6 Adults (only 4 Ski/Snowboard) + Maple Family (standard 4 pax) => 2 exceeding pax
- Booking Options: [Room Type] Maple Family Room 4 people / Leave a memo of extra person who do not skiing or snowboarding 
- Extra Charges: ₩33,000 (₩16,500x2) extra per night

Example 2) 5 Adults + 1 child under 8 years (only 5 Ski/Snowboard) + Maple Suite (standard 5 pax) => no exceeding pax(under 8 years is free) 
- Booking Options: [Room Type] Maple Suite Room 5 people
- Extra Charges: ₩0

Example 3) 6 Adults (only 5 Ski/Snowboard) + Maple Suite (standard 5 pax) => 1 exceeding pax
- Booking Options: [Room Type] Maple Suite Room 5 peopl
- Extra Charges: ₩16,500 extra per night

6. Where can I get sled passes?
As sled passes are not included in this package, please ask the ski instructor to help you buy sled passes.

7. Can I buy Ocean World tickets later, while I am in the Ski Resort?
You may purchase Ocean World tickets later from Indiway as long as it is 0 days in advance by 06:00pm, or purchase it on the site with ski structor.

8. When will ski slopes open?
The ski resort is open all year round. However, ski slopes will open only when the weather is cold enough for the snow not to melt. As only the heaven knows when it will get cold enough, we just need to wait for the ski resort to decide. At times, the exact opening date is decided less than one week prior.
The same goes for the closing date. You can never expect how warm it will get, so the ski resort decides on the closing date when the snow melts too much.

9. When is the peak season for ski resorts?
December 17 - January 8 is expected to be very busy.

10. Do I need to buy lift tickets? I don't want to take the lift.
Vivaldi Park does not allow entry for people without lift tickets. There is no bunny slope for you to walk up, so everyone must purchase lift tickets in order to take the lesson. No problem for children as well. This is a private lesson so the instructor will take care of everyone. It won't be dangerous at all, don't worry!

11. Can I choose night skiing?
The Vivaldi Park operates until 1am. If you are interested in night skiing, please contact ski instructor. If you will join both day and night skiing package, an extra ₩30,000-40,000 will be charged for night skiing. If you join night skiing only, an extra ₩60,000-70,000 will be charged.

12. If I don't want to have a basic lesson, can I go skiing or snowboard first?
Yes. Please leave us a memo in the Additional Information section. Upon arrival and baggage storage, the staff will help you go skiing or snowboard immediately.

13. We are staying for a few days so don't want to take a lesson on the first day. Is it possible?
Yes. Please leave us a memo in Additional Information section when you want the lesson. 


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