[Gift Voucher] Indiway Travel Gift Card

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✓ E-Gift Voucher


Indiway Travel Gift Card
Spoil your loved ones with the gift of adventure!

What better gift to give to your besties, siblings, or grown-up children than an adventure in a different part of this world or even just a different experience in life? Help them fulfil their travel dreams or surprise them with a delightful break from their everyday life.

Gift your loved ones the freedom to create a perfect holiday or a weekend getaway for themselves with our travel gift voucher. You buy the freedom, they choose the experience.

Any Budget
From 10,000(9USD),  to 100,000(90USD),
you can choose any amount that fits your budget. If you want to buy a voucher worth ₩200,000(180USD), simply purchase 2 of ₩100,000(100USD). The total amount will be automatically gifted to the recipient. 

✓  300+ activities around the World
The recipient can choose from any tours and activities Indiway offers all around the world. It could be a romantic dinner on a river cruise with fireworks in Seoul, a local trip to tranquil countryside of Vietnam, or a cultural evening watching one of the most popular shows in Bangkok, Thailand.  

They can choose to go on to a luxury dinner buffet cruise with Han river in the backdrop.

Or completely unwind with our Spa & Massage selection.

 Take your time and enjoy travelling
Even if the recipient couldn't spend all credit in one trip, no problem. Save it for the next trip! The credit won't expire until 3 years from the date of purchase.

Booking Process

[How to Purchase]

Step 1 -- Choose value, number of gift cards and proceed to checkout page

Step 2 --
Submit recipient's information then complete payment.

Step 3 -- 
Check your Receipt.

Step 4 -- Recipient will receive an email notification within 24 hours. The email includes the sender of gift card, how to use gift card, etc. 
*Purchaser's email address will be cced to the email notification.

[How to Use]

Step 1 -- Receive an Email with Indiway points.  

Step 2 --
Say "thank you"!

Step 3 -- Shop around at Indiway and use Indiway points to buy anything. 

Things to Note

✓ Indiway points will be credited to recipient within 24 hours in the value of the gift voucher.

Cancellation Policy

✓ No refunds will be made once purchased
 Card must be used within 3 years from the date of purchase


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