Best Price! Unlimited LTE Data Sim Card in Korea (1/5/10/30 days)

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Special Discount!
₩2,000 Discount for the First 100 Customers!
See "Price" section for details.


Prepaid SIM Card (Data Only)

Operation Date/Time

- Incheon airport : 24 hours
- Gimpo airport : 7am - 11pm
- KT Office at Hongdae : 9am - 6pm
- Gimhae airport : 6am - 10pm


Our unlimited data SIM card will make your travel even more FUNTASTIC!
We offer a discount price cheaper than Olleh (One of 3 big telemcom companies in Korea)
Also you don't have to waste your time filling in paper work at the venue.
Simply show your Email Voucher & passport to get your SIM CARD at the airport (Incheon airport, Gimpo airport, Gimhae airport and Jeju airport) or office near Hongik-university station.

✓ Unlimited Data
You can use an unlimited data for 24hours x DAY option. 

✓ Save time
Just show your Email Voucher and passport to the staff. We will send all information needed to the booth in advance.


Special Promotion!

Applies to:
1) ₩2,000 Discount for the First 100 Customers who makes the booking.
2) The use date must be between Mar 1 to May 31

How to use:
1) Go to the payment page and apply the coupon code: OMGSIM3
2) ₩2,000 discount will be applied automatically. If not, the coupons are all used up. So move quickly before the promotion is over!
* If you have other coupon codes to use, you can only apply one coupon per reservation.

✓ 1 day plan (24-hour) : ₩6,600 → ₩6,000(10% OFF)/ per SIM card
✓ 5 days plan (120-hour): ₩27,500 → ₩24,750(10% OFF)/ per SIM card
✓ 10 days plan (240-hour): ₩38,500 → 34,650(10% OFF)/ per SIM card
✓ 30 days plan (720-hour): ₩71,500 → 64,350(10% OFF)/ per SIM card 

✓ SIM Card with unlimited data (LTE)
✓ All types of SIM card (Nano, micro etc.)
✓ Free incoming calls & texts**
✗ Outgoing Call & SMS is  NOT included. You can use Skype/WhatsApp/LINE/etc for phone call.
✗ SMS from your original phone will be blocked when you install a new sim card.
✗ Please set APN if you can't use DATA
✓ You can buy as many sim card as you want per your passport
✓ You can use the simcard on wifi router device, however, as it needs an extra process (changing the APN setting, etc) which varies depending on which device you use, the staff at the booth can not assist you with the installation. You have to install it yourself.
✓ This product is also available for Koreans.
Free incoming calls & texts will be available if you pick up at Incheon Airport T1/T2, Gimpo Airport, Busan Gimhae Airport.
**(This service is not available if your SIM cards pickup at Hongdae Office)

Booking Process

Step 1 - Choose pickup point, date, number of SIM card and proceed to checkout page to complete payment.

Step 2 - 
Check your Email Voucher.

Step 3 - Show the email and your passport to redeem your SIM CARD.
            ✓ Please bring your passport and the Voucher to redeem your SIM CARD
            ✓ Please test the SIM CARD carefully before you leave the airport.

✓ You should pick up your SIM card yourself. No one else other than you can pick up the SIM card reserved under your name.

Things to Note

✓ SIM card usage time starts counting redeem the SIM card at the ticket booth, not from the time you actually start using the data.
✓ If you want to activate it at a later time, you must inform staffs while pick up.  Please keep in mind that you will need to install the SIM card by yourself with this option.
✓ The SIM card is valid for 24 hours x DAY option. e.g) If you install a 5-Day SIM card on May 1 at 15:30, it will expire on May 6 at 15:30.
✓ Date extension is not available
✓ If you have used a Korean SIM Card before on your phone, we need additional information to ensure that our SIM card will work on your phone. Please dial *#06# on your phone, and a chain of numbers will show up. Have this number ready when you book.

✓ Free incoming calls & texts will be available if you pick up at Incheon Airport T1/T2, Gimpo Airport, Busan Gimhae Airport.
*This service is not available if your SIM cards pickup at Hongdae Office. Outgoing calls & texts are not supported for all pickup locations.

How To Go

✓ Locations of KT (Olleh) Roaming Center/Office:

1. Incheon International Airport (Seoul)

(1) Next to GATE 10 (Arrival Hall, 1F) - Everyday 06:00-22:00
(2) Next to GATE 6 (Arrival Hall, 1F) - Everyday 24 hours

*Gate 10 is less crowded

2. Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 (Seoul)

 Between GATE 2-3 (Arrival Hall, 1F) - Everyday 24 hours

3. Gimpo International Airport (Seoul)

Next to GATE 1 (Arrival Hall, 1F, International Terminal) - Everyday 07:00-23:00

4. Gimhae International Airport (Busan)

Next to GATE 3 (Arrival Hall, 1F) - Everyday 06:00-22:00

5. Hongik Univ. (Hongdae) Station

1-minute walk (approx. 100m) from Exit #2 - Everyday 09:00-18:00

*Please email us for exact directions/address after payment is complete

Cancellation Policy

✓ All sales final


1. Can one person book multiple SIM cards for friends and family?

Yes, 1 person can book up to 10 SIM cards, however, please note the SIM card usage time starts counting from the moment you pick up the SIM card from the airport.
If you would like to pick-up your SIM card then activate it at a later time, please choose the Hong-ik University Office pick-up location. Please keep in mind that you will need to install the SIM card by yourself with this option.

2. I am using Samsung S6. Is it the right sim card for S6?

Yes, the SIM Card help desk will issue you a SIM card that fits your phone model type(nano, micro etc). They have different SIM cards for each different phone type. Price is same for all sizes. 

3. Can I extend the date?

Sorry, Date extension is not available.

4. Can I use the sim card with my wifi router?

The unlimited data SIM card can be used with your own portable wifi router. However, additional processing is required in order for the SIM card to work properly with wifi routers like changing the APN settings. These settings and functionality of each wifi router vary per device so the telecom staff cannot assist you with updating these settings. If you are able to setup the wifi router yourself after retrieval of the SIM card, then the SIM card can be used. If you are unsure how to process these changes, we do not recommend you purchase this SIM card for use with a wifi router.


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